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Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent Tin

(6 customer reviews)

£14.00 Inc VAT

Natural Lemongrass Fly Repellent – a wax-based fly repellent for horses.  Recommended for use against horseflies and normal flies.  Supplied in a plastic-free tin.

One tin of Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent – recommended for use against horseflies and normal flies.

✅ Long-lasting & effective, doesn’t evaporate quickly like sprays

✅ All natural plant-based ingredients – no harsh chemicals like DEET or permethrin

✅ Great for nervous horses who don’t like sprays – brush, sponge or wipe on

✅ Utilises the fly repellent properties of Lemongrass in a soft wax base

✅ Supplied in a 250ml plastic-free recyclable aluminium tin

To use:

  • Groom
  • Wipe a little Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent on to your brush
  • Lightly brush over horse
  • Done! It’s that simple
  • You can also sponge the repellent on if you like, which can be useful around areas such as eyes, ears, udders and sheaths, or even just wipe it on with your fingers.

As with any new product, it is advisable to do a patch test on a small area first

6 reviews for Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent Tin

  1. Rachel

    Brilliant stuff! My pony won’t keep a fly mask on and hates sprays but this repellent is perfect and keeps his face fly-free all day long.

  2. Rebecca Casey

    This stuff is amazing, my two ponios were being tortured by flies, a sponging of this on “delicate” areas and not a single fly landed, thank you.

  3. Shirley-Ann Loftus (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. My mare hates sprays and attempts at desensitising have all failed so I was made up to find this product and especially because it WORKS. Bon was covered with horse flies and after applying this not one landed on her. I reapply every two days. I also purchased the fly repellent horse and dog shampoo bar and also love that. Thank you

  4. Pam

    Fantastic stuff
    I smother this on their faces and hours later still fly free. Would definitely recommend

  5. Maria Standen

    I find this works well as long as you get enough coverage, I just groom with the brush, wiping it over the wax every few strokes before riding, two jobs at once!

  6. Niki Coon (verified owner)

    A definite must have for the summer, black flies absolutely hate it, i apply with a sponge, great for body and faces!

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