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Natural equine fly repellent in a soft wax base.  They utilise the natural fly-repelling properties of essential oils.  These repellents have many benefits over the majority of commercial fly sprays:

✅ Don’t evaporate quickly like sprays, so long-lasting and effective.
✅ Great for nervous horses who don’t like sprays.  Just brush, sponge or wipe onto the coat.
✅ No harsh chemicals like DEET or permethrin.
✅ Supplied in an eco-friendly recyclable, reusable tin.  No single use plastic.
✅ All natural and plant-based ingredients.

Which EqWax Natural Equine Fly Repellent Is Best?

We recommend the Lemongrass or Citronella repellents for use against normal flies, horse-flies and clegs.

The Neem repellent is ideal against midges, but also helps with other flies.  Additionally, Neem has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.  This makes it a good choice for itchy horses and ponies.

Our Eucalyptus and Lavender Horse Fly repellent is recommended where horse-flies (clegs) are the main problem.

Our Itch Away balm is perfect for itchy horses and ponies who are also bothered by normal flies and horseflies as well as midges