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Beat The Itch Saver Pack

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Our Beat The Itch Saver Pack combines our Neem Wonder Oil, Itch Away balm and Itch Away No-Rinse Wash.  Ideal for itchy and midge-sensitive horses.  No hosing or spraying is required!


Our Beat The Itch Saver Pack combines three of our most popular “itchy horse” products at a discounted price:

1 x 500ml tin of Itch Away No-Rinse Wash
This is a soothing wash containing natural fly/midge repellents.  Requires no hosing/rinsing after use!

1 x 400ml bottle of Neem Wonder Oil
This comes in a special twist spout bottle that makes it easy to apply to manes, tails and feathers.  It soothes itchy/irritated skin, repels midges/flies and reduces rubbing.

1 x 250ml tin of  Itch Away balm
A non-spray midge/fly repellent that you brush, wipe or sponge onto the coat and around ears, eyes, sheaths, teats etc. With lemongrass, teatree and neem

All these products have all natural ingredients and no hosing or spraying is required!


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