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Super concentrated No-Rinse Warming Wash For Horses

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A warming no-rinse natural horse wash with soothing, warming and anti-microbial ingredients. Great for after exercise washdowns and also hot clothing (particularly at clipping time).

Our super concentrated no-rinse warming wash:

✅ Contains arnica and ginger which soothes muscular pain and can reduce swelling
✅ Contains cinnamon which is warming and has anti-fungal properties
✅ Contains clove which has anti-microbial properties
✅ Contains sweet orange which smells amazing and can reduce stress and anxiety
✅ Removes sweat marks, grass stains, mud and dirt
✅ Great for after-exercise
✅ Is brilliant for hot-clothing
✅ Perfect for horses who dislike being hosed

Available in 250ml or 5 litres cans with pouring spout. As with all of our products, it is made with 100% natural ingredients, and comes in eco-friendly packaging.


What you need:
🌿 A bucket of hot water (you can just put your hand in it without it being uncomfortable)
🌿 A can of EqWax Warming wash
🌿 A flannel or a small towel (or larger old towel cut to size)

How to do it:
🌿 Groom horse first to remove obvious mud or dirt
🌿 Add warming wash to the bucket of hot water (250mls to five litres of water)
🌿 Dip flannel or towel into the hot water
🌿 Wring towel out well
🌿 Rub in a circular motion on horse
🌿 Repeat all over
🌿 Let horse dry
🌿 Stand back and admire that EqWax shine!

Hot clothing is a great method for cleaning horses in the cooler months, because you don’t have to get them cold or too wet.

It’s ideal after clipping because it gets rid of stray hairs, residue of clipping oil, scurf and restores the natural coat shine. In case we didn’t mention, it also smells amazing!


250ml can, 5l can with pouring spout

2 reviews for Super concentrated No-Rinse Warming Wash For Horses

  1. karen

    Lovely product that leaves coats shiny and clean , smells great too!

  2. Danielle Herd

    Fantastic winter wash. Saves bathing and leaves a shiney coat.

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