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Itch Away Balm

£20.00 Inc VAT

Itch Away Balm  – ideal for itchy horses and ponies. Doesn’t evaporate like sprays

Itch Away Balm – All the soothing properties of neem and teatree, with the added fly repellent from lemongrass. This is perfect for horses who struggle with itchy skin caused by midges, as well as being a very good all round fly repellent

✅ Soothes irritated and itchy skin
✅ Helps to repel the midges and flies that cause itching in the first place
✅ Contains Neem, Lemongrass and Tea Tree
✅ Free from parabens and sulphates which can irritate sensitive skin
✅ Wax based, so doesn’t evaporate like sprays!
✅ Natural, plant-based, plastic-free and cruelty-free

As with any product always do a patch test before use.

Apply with a brush, sponge or fingers.


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