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Neem Mud Repellent Oil (500ml)

(3 customer reviews)

£12.00 Inc VAT

Protect your horse’s legs from muddy conditions with Neem Mud Repellent Oil – 500ml can with cotton flannel for easy application.

Winter mud and wet conditions can cause your horse’s legs to become vulnerable to bacteria and fungus.  With this in mind we have designed our Neem Mud Repellent Oil to help protect your horse’s legs this winter.

The Neem Mud Repellent Oil forms a waterproof barrier to help prevent mud reaching the skin.  It contains a high percentage of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial Neem Oil and teatree essential oil in a natural carrier oil base.  Apply to dry clean legs using a cloth or sponge 

“Sticks to Legs, so Mud Won’t”.

3 reviews for Neem Mud Repellent Oil (500ml)

  1. Anne clitheroe

    Such a lovely product bought at Olympia and used today on my old girl who had mud clumps . I washed them off (wish I had bought the wash too) towel dried them then applied this it soaked in looked and smelt so soothing. Will be ordering the wash now thank you for such a lovely cruelty free product.

  2. Elsa Bridger (verified owner)

    A friend recommended these products to me as my horse has been diagnosed with CPL. He has thick feathers that get caked in mud (I’m on clay, and they are out 24/7) and wanted to use pig oil, but can’t due to the CPL. This product is amazing! I used the no rinse shampoo a few days before the farrier was due, then when dry, I applied the mud repellent oil. All I needed to do on that morning was to towel his legs and the mud came away leaving practically clean and dry feathers! My farrier was very grateful, too. I’ve just stocked up on more!

  3. Beth C

    This stuff is AMAZING! Why oh why did I not know about this back in October 2023?! My horses would have avoided a world of Mud fever pain and I would have avoided £600 in vets bills…better late than never I say – in short – it really works – the mud just slides off – does not even get close to sticking. And it has actually helped to soothe my horses’ old pastern dermatitis – his legs are spotless after less than a week of using this. I will never be without this product now – so please carry on the good work EqWax, you mad, eco-friendly geniuses! Well done!

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