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Super concentrated Natural No-Rinse Stain Buster

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Natural No-Rinse Stain Buster (plastic-free & plant-based) – perfect for removing annoying stains without having to hose or bath your horse!

Natural No-Rinse Stain Buster (500ml)

Perfect for removing those annoying stains without having to hose or bath your horse!

✅ Ideal for “spot cleaning” and emergency show “touch ups”.
✅ Shifts grass, stable and mud stains effectively.
✅ Harnesses the natural cleansing powers of fractionated coconut oil, lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil.
✅ Leaves coat clean, glossy and smelling amazing!
✅ No hosing required! Great for horses that hate the hose pipe or where running water is not available.
✅ Natural, plastic-free and plant-based

Instructions for Use

  • As with any new product we recommend a 24 hour patch test
  • Shake before use
  • Dilute 25ml in 5l litres of water (can be mixed with warm water in cold weather)
  • Sponge on
  • No need to rinse off, just scrape off excess moisture or towel dry if necessary.
No-Rinse Wash Size

5l can with pouring spout, 250ml can


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