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Natural Equine Powder Sunscreen

(5 customer reviews)

£12.00 Inc VAT

Natural equine powder sun-screen in an 70g plastic-free tin

Our Natural Equine Powder Sunscreen will protect your horse’s delicate areas from the harmful effects of the sun.

✅ Ideal for horses that don’t like creams on their muzzles
✅ Very water-resistant
✅ Long-lasting UVA & UVB protection
✅ Dust doesn’t stick to it
✅ Supplied in a 100g plastic-free tin

5 reviews for Natural Equine Powder Sunscreen

  1. Niki Coon

    What a game changer this sunscreen is, so much easier to apply than a cream, especially to one of my horses who hates having his nose rubbed, i have had many stress free summer days knowing that his pink nose has been completely covered, we made the application into a game so he actually bops his nose on the puff himself for a reward!! Best product ever!

  2. WiseHooves Jack (verified owner)

    Wow, this is an amazing product. Putting gloopy creams on a Clydesdale who can lift his head 9ft in the air to avoid the creams isn’t a fun morning workout! This powder is so easy to apply. Absolutely no fuss or complaints from the boys. And it works. No sunburn, no peeling skin. Just soft, kissable pink noses!!

  3. Anne clitheroe

    Another amazing product you have made can’t wait to use it this summer but know it’s going to work. The powder is so so fine and a tiny spot amount just sticks to your skin and won’t come off easily. I have spent years using thick creams on her white legs as she suffers from photosensitisation they just clog up and she hates them being applied. This looks AMAZING and is ready for the first ray of sun. Thanks for yet another great cruelty free plastic free natural product.

  4. Rachael Troy (verified owner)

    Bought my first tin for my new cob with a lovely pink nose and its amazing. He doesnt mind me putting in on and now converted others on the yard that need it for their pink nosed horses! Amazing product, thank you.

  5. Dlh (verified owner)

    Fantastic product used on a pink muzzle and bald wither from years of sweetitch and constant rug rubbing. Stops sunburn and acts as a barrier.

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