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Natural Equine Powder Sunscreen

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£12.00 Inc VAT

Natural equine powder sun-screen in an 70g plastic-free tin

Our Natural Equine Powder Sunscreen will protect your horse’s delicate areas from the harmful effects of the sun.

✅ Ideal for horses that don’t like creams on their muzzles
✅ Very water-resistant
✅ Long-lasting UVA & UVB protection
✅ Dust doesn’t stick to it
✅ Supplied in a 70g plastic-free tin

1 review for Natural Equine Powder Sunscreen

  1. Niki Coon

    What a game changer this sunscreen is, so much easier to apply than a cream, especially to one of my horses who hates having his nose rubbed, i have had many stress free summer days knowing that his pink nose has been completely covered, we made the application into a game so he actually bops his nose on the puff himself for a reward!! Best product ever!

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