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EqWash No-Rinse Cooling Wash For Horses

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A cooling no-rinse natural horse wash containing lemongrass essential oil as a natural fly repellent.


A cooling no-rinse natural horse wash with natural fly repellent plus FREE cotton application flannel whilst stocks last.

✅ Contains lemongrass essential oil which is a natural fly repellent, reduces scurf and is antibacterial and antifungal
✅ Includes natural coconut cleansers
✅ Leaves coat fresh and resistant to flies
✅ Removes sweat marks, grass stains, mud and dirt without having to rinse afterwards
✅ Great for after-exercise washdowns
✅ Ideal for horses who dislike being hosed

Available in 500ml can or 5 litre can with pouring spout.

As with any product always do a patch test before use.  Dilute two capfuls in 2.5 litres of water to use – demonstration video below:


500ml can, 5l can with pouring spout

1 review for EqWash No-Rinse Cooling Wash For Horses

  1. Maria Standen (verified owner)

    I started using this recently and was washing my horse off after riding and before turning out, in this recent spell of hot weather I have been filling a bucket with cold water, adding this wash and then soaking fly rugs before putting on the horses to drip dry, they appear to like it and it must help cool them down and impregnate the rugs with the lemon fly repellent.

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