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Plastic-Free Cooling Leg Clay

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Plastic-Free All Natural Cooling Leg Clay Kit

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Bentonite clay can react with metal so it has taken some time to formulate a plastic-free version of this product!  The solution is a two part kit that you mix yourself.  Comes complete with a wooden mixing spoon and full instruction card.

An all natural Cooling Leg Clay to cool and sooth tired legs.  Contains bentonite clay together with soothing Arnica and Witch Hazel.  Perfect for use after strenuous activity such as racing, eventing, hunting etc.

As with any product we recommend a 24 hour patch test before use.


  • Add contents of metal bottle (Part 1) to 600ml of water in a non-metallic container
  • Add contents of packet (Part 2) slowly to water
  • Leave overnight
  • Stir well
  • Once mixed keep covered


  • Apply an even layer to lower legs
  • Leave several hours, preferably overnight
  • Brush or rinse off


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