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The EqWax story started quite a few years ago when Alison Gates was trying to manage her ex-racehorse’s aversion to flies! Alison hated breathing in the commercial chemical sprays so she and her partner Tony decided to create their own repellent using natural ingredients.

They soon discovered that water or alcohol-based sprays evaporated too quickly to be of any long term use, so they started to experiment with other bases for the product. This lead them to develop a wax-based repellent which they could brush or wipe onto the horse’s coat. This worked brilliantly for their ex-racehorse, Camden, and soon their horsey friends and neighbours were using the products as well.

In 2015 Alison and Tony launched the EqWax range of fly repellents commercially. The products were a great success, being so different from anything else already on the market. Not only did customers love the effectiveness of the products, but also the fact that they were made from natural ingredients and were supplied in an eco-friendly plastic-free aluminium tin. (Aluminium can be recycled forever – it can be melted down and reformed without losing any quality, and the process can be repeated over and over again – unlike plastic).

Soon Alison and Tony started to experiment with creating other natural horse care products, such as their very popular Hoof, Frog & Sole Balm and their Mud Repellent Oil. In 2019 EqWax were nominated for the British Equestrian Trade Association and were proud to be one of six finalists in the Retailer of the Year Award category.

Then in 2020, Alison’s daughter Shannon joined the team, following her recovery from COVID-19. Shannon has a wealth of experience in the equine world, and has worked extensively in the racing industry. Shannon drives the distinctive EqWax van to take the products to yard visits and equestrian shows/events (when pandemic restrictions allow). She has also been responsible for formulating and testing many of the amazing new products, such as the Mud Barrier balm.