Natural Equine Fly Repellents

NOTE: We are changing over to biodegradable cotton bags - at present you can choose our original bag OR the biodegradable one - exactly the same products, just in different bags!

All orders are posted First Class. P&P is £3.50 per order.

✅ Long-lasting & effective, doesn't evaporate quickly like sprays

✅ No harsh chemicals like DEET or permethrin

✅ Great for nervous horses who don't like sprays

We recommend either Lemongrass or Citronella for use against normal flies and horse-flies, whilst the Neem is most suitable to protect against midges.





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New Neem "Wonder Wax" in Biodegradable Bag

Neem "Wonder Wax" Bag (Biodegradable Bag)


Neem "Wonder Wax" in Original Bag

Neem "Wonder Wax" Bag (Original Bag)


Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent Tin

Lemongrass EqWax Equine Fly Repellent Tin


Neem "Wonder Wax" Tin

Natural horse care product - protects horses heels, frogs & hooves from mud AND repels midges/mites & soothes irritation.


Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent in Original Bag

Lemongrass EqWax Equine Fly Repellent Bag


Citronella "Bug Off" Tin

Citronella "Bug Off" Tin


New Beat The Itch Saver Pack

One bottle of Neem Wonder Oil (to use on mane, tails & feathers) plus one tin of Neem Wonder Wax (to use on coats) - both repel midges and soothe itchiness.

Old price £19.00

New Citronella "Bug Off" in Biodegradable Bag

Citronella EqWax "Bug Off" Bag (Biodegradable Bag)


New Lemongrass Equine Fly Repellent in Biodegradable Bag

Lemongrass EqWax Equine Fly Repellent Biodegradable Bag


Citronella "Bug Off" in Original Bag

Citronella EqWax "Bug Off" Bag