Natural Horse Shampoos & Grooming Products

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Bugbusting Solid Shampoo Bar On A Rope For Horses & Dogs

​Bug-busting Natural Solid Shampoo Bar On A Rope For Horses & Dogs - repels insects, soothes itchy skin, cleans & moisturises


Bugbusting Natural Horse Shampoo 400ml

Our Anti Itch Natural Horse Shampoo soothes itchy skin, repels flies, midges and other insects and is vegan & cruelty free.


Winter Trial Pack

Contains trial-size Winter Warming No-Rinse Wash, Mud Repellent Oil, Hoof, Frog & Sole, Mane & Tail Conditioner, Leather Care Balm, Neem Wonder Wax.


Hoof, Frog and Sole Balm

Natural Hoof Balm containing beeswax, coconut oil plus anti fungal/anti bacterial essential oils and herbs.


New Plastic-Free Pamper Pack

 1 x Mane & Tail Conditioner plus 1 x Shampoo Bar on a Rope - at a discounted price

Old price £19.50

New Mane and Tail Conditioner

Mane & Tail Conditioner with Fly Repellent - all natural ingredients and plastic-free (250g tin)


New EqWash No Rinse Warming Wash

A warming no-rinse natural horse wash with soothing, warming and anti-microbial ingredients.

from £12.00

EqWash No Rinse Cooling Wash

A cooling no-rinse natural horse wash containing lemongrass essential oil as a natural fly repellent.

from £9.00

New Cooling Leg Clay

All Natural Cooling Leg Clay (1.5kg)


New Natural Equine Sunscreen

Natural equine sunscreen